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  • 4th Annual Namibia Doctors and Dentists Forum

  • Improvement teams from Haiti at the 2014 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

  • HEALTHQUAL Training, Georgetown, Guyana

  • All Country Learning Network

    Kampala, Uganda


  • Narrated data workshops: analysis, visualization and reporting are now online

  • Bridging the Quality Divide - HEALTHQUAL Documentary Film Trailer

  • Building national quality management programs globally

HEALTHQUAL offers a unique public health, peer-to-peer government-led approach to quality management in support of national QM programs.
A guide developed by HEALTHQUAL to advance coaching for quality improvement and improvement knowledge in low- and middle income countries
This is part 2 is a series of narrated data workshops on how to communicate complex ideas with simple, efficient and accurate data graphics
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HEALTHQUAL Communications and Knowledge Management Director, Joshua Bardfield, gave a talk at the 2014 ISQua meeting describing the development and implementation of a National Organizational Assessment to facilitate sustainable national quality management programs in low and middle-income countries
HEALTHQUAL Director, Dr. Bruce Agins presented at the 4th annual Namibia Doctors and Dentists Forum describing implementation of a sustainable national quality management program and the MOHSS with HEALTHQUAL technical advisor, Dan Sendzik, described a QI initiative to reduce maternal mortality.
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A Public Health Approach to Quality Management

HEALTHQUAL offers a unique public health, peer-to-peer government-led approach to quality management. Our experienced staff focuses on technical assistance and support through partnerships with Ministries of Health to implement and reinforce health care systems to build sustainable national quality management programs.