How to Prevent the Occurrence of Leg Sprain

Leg sprain is an overly stretched or torn ligament in the leg. It is triggered when the leg muscles are forced into extreme contraction or stretched beyond its limit normally during physical work-outs.

Types of Leg Strain

There are different types of leg strain, depending on the area where the ligament was overly stretched. These are as follow:

1. Calf Muscle Strain

This is caused when the foot suddenly bends upward, which can occur even while an individual is taking his or her daily strolls.

2. Plantaris Strain

This occurs when the thin muscle located at the lower end of the femur stretches along with the knee joint, which disrupts your knee function.

3. Hamstring Strain

This type of injury occurs at the back of

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What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder involving the number of chromosomes acquired by an individual. Typically, each human individual should only have 23 pairs of a chromosome, which comes from the mother and the father. Unfortunately, individuals with Down syndrome have an extra 21st chromosome, which is referred to as trisomy 21. The additional chromosome in the genes of individuals thus results in a lower-than-average cognitive ability, which is accompanied by mild to moderate disabilities.

Based on statistical data gathered worldwide, out of 733 births, there will be one individual who is most likely to have this condition with higher risks occurring in older parents. Nevertheless, this condition of the fetus can easily be identified by doctors through amniocentesis or amniotic fluid test wherein a

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